Darin Dimitroff | Darin Dimitroff

Hey, I'm Darin

An inter-disciplinary digital designer living in Sofia. Currently working at spacefarm, a product design shop I co-founded with my partner Kalina.

  • Currently working on

    • spacefarm!
    • an open source declarative design tool
    • an online publication covering yoga
    • a design system for a remote testing and certification platform
    • NDA
    • product improvement ideas on improved.design
  • Passionate about

    • large scale design systems
    • content-driven design
    • responsive typography for screens
    • designing with code
    • microinteraction prototyping
    • atomic design concepts
  • Trying to

    • transfer my React skills into production
    • get better at ES6
    • get more into advanced maths
    • improve my Terminal skills
    • get back to doing some illustration
    • learn VIM (?)