Time Heroes | Darin Dimitroff
Darin Dimitroff

Time Heroes

Work: web design, web development, visual design, illustration
Team: The Crazy Ones
Tools & tech: Webflow, AWS

Time Heroes is a platform for volunteering and doing good. In 2014 we did some pro-bono work for them by designing and developing an awareness campaign website targeted towards students and teachers.

The campaign’s name was “The impossible test”. The organizers split a room full of people into two groups and asked them to solve a written task. The key is that each group only has half of the information needed to solve the task, so they need to self-organize and work together to solve it.

Given the simple functionality of the website, I experimented with Webflow and was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t use this type of tool for more than prototyping nowadays, but in 2014, I still wasn’t too comfortable with designing in code. I also did some illustration work, something I rarely have time for nowadays but would love to get back to.

Check out the live website here↗