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Work: product design, user flows, visual design, design systems, front-end
Team: spacefarm + BB-Team
Tools & tech: HTML, SCSS, JS, Sketch, Gulp, SVG, Handlebars, Fabricator, GitHub, Netlify, AWS

BB-Team is the leading health and fitness portal in Bulgaria. It’s been around since 1999, starting off as a message board and slowly turning into a multi-purpose product that now features a publication, online store, wiki-style knowledge base and fitness+food tracking capabilities.

Apart from establishing a design system, we worked on an update adding the option to connect with a health, fitness and nutrition expert in real life and even subscribe for a training plan. I’ve been an active user of the product for a few years, so I was really excited to have the opportunity to work with the team behind it.

Over a bunch of sprints and a few longer feedback cycles, we built a production-ready responsive atomic front-end design system featuring hundreds of components, interactions, helper classes and functions, documentation and full-blown examples for some key pages and user flows. I led the design system/front-end aspect of the project, while my partner Kalina worked on establishing a visual system around branding and illustration.

Shipping code within a PHP-heavy organization was initially challenging as I’m much more experienced with JavaScript (specifically Node and React) codebases. I ended up re-creating some of React’s key logic using a combination of Handlebars and SCSS.

By using many modules with open variables (simulation of passing styles as props in styled-components) and atomic classes similar to Tachyons, we managed to build a pretty flexible system with as much “composition over inheritance” as we managed to pull off without over-complicating what Handlebars can already do.

We kept working on the product after we launched the first public release of the update and we’re still actively working together. After the top priorities were tackled, we shipped a few smaller additions like a global night mode, a training and nutrition tracking calendar view, additional components and improved keyboard navigation styling.

PS: I normally translate showcases of local work into English, but I’ve been trying to keep them authentic during the last year. I should probably write a blog post on building UI with Cyrillic symbols. It can be quite challenging.