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2015 - Today

Improved is a side-project I started while waiting for my broken patella to heal after a biking accident. I’ve always been more interested in the exact ways design decisions make our daily lives easier and not in the ephemeral “design” thing people get dreamy about.

As noted on the site, Improved started as an anti-thesis to the daily UI challenge or 30 days of UI thing that was going on around that time. However, after working with more junior people, my perspective on the industry has gotten significantly less snarky over the years, so Improved is now just a blog where I explore product improvement ideas.

The core idea is simple:

  • document sub-par UX in products I use
  • come up with a realistic improvement that respects the system's constraints and potential tradeoffs
  • describe the solution in writing and mockups
  • build a prototype

I have a quite big list of ideas for Improved, but the site has been abandoned for a while as I’m spending more time on client work and learning JS and React in particular. I’m planning to turn Improved into an open platform, initially publishing product improvement ideas from friends and colleagues and later (hopefully) designers and developers from all over the world.