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Work: product design, user flows, branding, visual design, design systems, front-end
Team: The Crazy Ones/spacefarm + Proctest
Tools & tech: HTML, SCSS, JS, Webpack, Handlebars, Fabricator, GitHub, Netlify, Learnosity

I started working with Proctest as an individual contributor a few years before I had the chance to start building a design system.

While still being more strongly involved with branding and graphic design in general, I helped the team build a brand guideline, including a logo, typography system, color palette and so on. I also designed Proctest’s original website which is no longer online.

Proctest is an industry-grade testing tool used by NATO and the US army, so the overall environment was pretty different compared to my experience dominated by early-stage and mid-stage startups. The feedback loop was longer and we had to often take the safest, most beaten paths in terms of product decisions and technology used.

Over the course of multiple sprints and shipping cycles (together spanning over an year and a half), I led a remote design team while establishing a design system. I was also involved with some project management tasks like coordinating tasks between the design and development team and helping project managers with some more technical aspects of the project.

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My work for Proctest has spanned a long period of time. Here’s a summary of what I’ve done for the team:

  • dramatically simplified the product’s IA and overall user flows
  • led a major redesign of the test-taking side of the product
  • coordinated the design team through a migration from a custom stack to Learnosity
  • introduced upper-management to the concept of design systems and led the process of building v1 of Proctest’s design system

PS: Proctest's marketing website has been heavily modified since we designed and built it. We are no longer involved with the project.